This package assists in creating a smarter, safer work zone environment through a travel safety connected vehicle service. Used in conjunction with the MonitorIT™ device vehicles connect to the cloud which is managed by BlackScreen Suite.  Staff download the mobile app from the app stores and registers. This system uses the smart phones as the vehicle/mobile device.  ZoneIT™ Connected Vehicle Service Applications

  • Vehicle Geozoned only for areas they are inducted for
  • Red light warning on top of vehicle if vehicle enters and area they are not zoned for
  • Dashboard flashing red light
  • High pitch audio sound in the vehicle
  • Geozone transgression message sent to pit boss/mining manager
  • Geozone transgression message sent to driver
  • Geozone transgression message sent to any nominated party
  • In cab warnings and roof mounted red light do  not go off until the vehicles reenters a Geozoned area

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