The In Cab unit is programmed to pick up transponders within 40 meters of the vehicle and warn the driver. As it send out a blue tooth signal so the personal unit picks up the signal and warns the worker of an approaching vehicle. The personal unit is made to be hard hat mounted. It has an audio alarm as well as a plug in vibration motor. The vibration can be heard/felt through the head.

The personnel transponder has these features:

  • 1.3Ah rechargeable lithium polymer battery requiring recharge once per week to once per month depending on number of warnings provided.
  • Lightweight Bluetooth 5 intelligent sensor with 3 axis accelerometer.
  • Hardhat mounted transponder with built-in vibration motor and piezoelectric sound bomb
  • Low weight under 50g
  • Integrated antenna
  • Transmission once per second
  • Orientation sensing senses orientation (standing up/lying down) of hardhat
  • Motion sensing senses if worker is active or motionless with programmable threshold
  • Built-in data logging with time interval logging that log active/inactive times and events
  • Event log and operational log can be downloaded via Android/Apple phone
  • Rugged design, fully enclosed unit (except battery)

Vehicle transponder/display consist of the following parts:

  1. This is a controller with 4.3" Touch screen that will list and graphically display.
  2. 1 TX antenna mounted at highest point above vehicle to achieve line of sight to transponders
  3. 4-12 sectoral antennas/transponders mounted outside the vehicle on corners


The vehicle unit has the following features:

  • 4.3" Touch Screen LCD
  • Transmission once per second using omni-directional TX antenna
  • Reporting of signal strength/approximate distance and strongest sector/approximate angle on radar map
  • Reporting of number of transponders in view
  • Logging of all events, transponders seen and distances
  • Linux operating system
  • Remote access and reporting through WiFi at depot

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