Standard Report

You determine what information you require.  What inforamtion would you like to see hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.  We provide you with the information you require to better manage your team.  A typical report would include:

  • transmission hours
  • idle hours
  • park hours
  • fuel refills in litres
  • km per litre
  • litres per 100 km
  • litres per hour
  • fuel cost per km
  • your fuel price
  • idle RPM
  • idle litres per hour
  • idle cost per hour
  • max engine temp

Exception Report

You determine what information you require.  You can set idle time to 10 minutes or 2 hours.  We provide you with the information you require to better manage your team.  Exception reports would include:

  • when a vehicles goes over a predetermined speed
  • excessive engine temperature
  • if fuel is replaced under suspicious circumastances
  • if the vehicle leaves the grid area
  • if the vehicle idles for an extended period of time

Online platform

The Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking, Exception reporting, Maintenance planning suite

User Interface

The Vehicle Monitoring, Tracking, Exception reporting, Maintenance planning suite is Software as a Service (SaaS) web application that provides access to information and alarms regarding your fleet from any web enabled device.

The User interface consists of three levels of “drill down” interfaces:

  • Level 1 – Situational awareness. – Map view/List view
  • Level 2 – Device Overview – Key Performance Indicators/Alarms per device
  • Level 3 – Device Unit Detail – Trends, detail, maintenance

Level 1 - Situational Awareness

Map Display:

The current position of each device is shown on a Google style map for all devices of the business. The current state of the device is reflected by quantity and colour of alarm bars. A click on the icon brings up more detail as well as an option to navigate to the Level 2 display for that particular device.

 List Display:

The list display shows all the devices for the business with the devices that have the highest priority active alarms on top.

 Level 2 - Device Overview

The device overview display contains the current Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the device graphed as a 14 day trending chart. For example, for a Drill Rig, this includes Utilization, Total Distance Drilled, and Penetration Rates for the previous day as well as maintenance and other high level activity.  Current Alarms and engine parameters are also shown.

 Level 3 - Device Unit Detail

The device level detail shows trending information for all engine parameters with Min, Max and Average shown over the last 14 days.  The information is summarized and shown by Shift and Operator.


Maintenance planning

Preventative maintenance.

We monitor the Transmission hours.  We call you to advise you a swap out of the driveline is required before the time.

We are able to set maintenance perameters (hours) to each vehicle and warn our customers a predetermined amount of transmission hours in advance before driveline maintenance becomes due.

We can supply the drivelines you require for your vehicle in advance of the parts being required.  We assist you in ensuring you do not run foul of your maintenance schedule thereby ensuring your vehicle remains under the OEM warrantee.

Maintenance planning will help prevent damage to transmission system should the driveline fail due to poor maintenance.

  • less downtime for swap overs of drive line
  • stay within OEM maintenance regulations
  • prevent driveline damage due to wear and tear
  • prevent damage to transmission system
  • preempt filter changes
  • better productivity
  • prevent out of warrantee damage
  • we deliver the drivelines before you need them
  • we set a standard rate per vehicle
  • we refurbish your old system

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